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Adobe Lightroom

This is a glog made in, This glog explains in clear details what  adobe light room is and what it is used for. One thing I found out was that it is the best place for editing pictures. In fact, professional photographers use it as well.


Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

This glog is all about steve jobs and steve wozniak. I used the website to add effects and pictures and text as well. However, is the best place to create advertisements and posters 🙂



Niagara Falls edited by me

This picture of Niagara Falls was edited by me in

1. Uploaded the picture
2. I rotated it a bit
3. I changed the saturation to 7 an th temperature to 68
4.I changd the format to Cinema Scope
5.I added silly stickers
6. I added my text and changed the format to before and after
7. I saved it

Katy Perry edited by me

This picture of Katy Perry was also edited by me in

1. I uploaded the picture

2. I went to basics and clicked Auto Fix which made my picture brighter

3. Then I added an effect called vignette and the color was red

4. Then I added my text and placed a very light blue heart beside it

5. Then I changed the format to Before and after

6. I saved it


Dolphin Edited By Me

The dolphin I made was edited in

1. I uploaded the dolphin picture

2. Then I rotated the dolphin

3. Then I curved the edges

4. Then, I added a Matte effect and the matte color was light green

5. The I added a pink hat on the dolphin

6. Then I placed a ball on the mouth of the dolphin

7. I added musical notes

8. I added my text

9. I  changed the format Before and After