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Light room Video and Slideshow

  1. Describe briefly the purpose of the SlideShow module. What can we do with this module?

–          The purpose of light room slide show module is that we can use edited pictures to form a slideshow video. We can make a video containing only pictures and a background music.

2.    Under Options panel, what is the purpose of the Stroke Border?

–          The purpose of the stroke border is to add effects to the outline. You can make it thinner, thicker, darker, lighter and many other things.

3.   Under Options panel, what is the purpose of the Cast Shadow?

–          The purpose of cast shadow is to make your photos stand out from the slide background.

4 .Under Backdrop panel, what is the purpose of the Color Wash?

–          The purpose of color wash is to blend colors together.

5.  Under the Backdrop panel, what happens when we push the slider toward 100%

–          When we move the opacity to 100% the background picture is very clear to us.

6. Under the Titles panel and Intro Screen, what is this Identity Plate for?

–          The picture is gone in the background and the only thing you can see is what you type in the identify plate.

7. Under the Titles panel and Ending Screen, what is this Identity Plate for?

–          It makes the text and whatever you type clear.

8. What does the Playback panel used for?

–          The playback panel is for setting up the background music and they are the effects to the slideshow.

9. Explain briefly how we put background music in the slideshow of pictures.

–          First we have to go to playback. Then we check the soundtrack. Then we select music and put it into our video.

10. What settings we need from Light room Slideshow panel to make the photo transition longer or shorter.

–          We need to make the slide duration longer.

11. Once we have a complete slideshow, explain briefly how we can convert it into a video.

–          We convert it into a video by clicking on export video and then choose the place you want to save it.


Holga LightRoom Preset Basic

– What is Holga Effect?

Holga is a camera which is like if we click the button to take the picture, it will create its own effect by itself and this effect is called the holga effect.

– How it started? Where and when? (History)

Holga camera was designed by T. M. Lee in 1981, and it first appeared outside China in 1982 with its appearance in Hong Kong.

– What are the basic identifying characteristics of a photo applied with Holga effect?

Pictures taken by Holga usually have black or white edges, the colors are in contrast, the pictures are a bit smudged up, and the dark areas are darker and the light areas are lighter.

– Give a link from the Internet where group of people are talking and sharing about this photography effect.

– Give two examples of Holga photograph done by others.

Don’t forget to give credits to your web sources






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A picture edited by me in light room :D


This is a picture of a wells student. I was just learning how to use light room, and these I finally came up with this 😀 light room is awesome!!! go and edit your picture here……….