Archive | March 2012


1. Did you find it easier to make photo slideshow movie in Win7 Movie Maker (Win7MM) than Adobe Lightroom? Why?

-Yes, I found it much easier to make a photo slideshow in
Windows 7 Movie Maker because Win7 has very easy tools to use unlike Lightroom which has very hard tools to use and it is very hard and confusing to do anything but in Win7, even a 4th grader can do it.

2. What are the similarities and differences of Adobe Lightroom and Win7MM?

-In both Win7 and Lightroom, we can both make photo slide shows and we can also insert pictures, we can insert music, and we can edi the pictures very quickly. For the differences, Lightroom is way more confusing and has confusing tools but Win7 is easy to use.

3. Under what menu can we find this in Win7MM and what can we do with those three little buttons?

-We can find these tools in the home menu, we can add the title, caption, and the credits in our slide show.

4. What does this button can do for us while making a movie in Win7MM?

– This tool changes the thumbnail size of the picture.

5. What are the steps to select a range of photos (or video clips)

– Under the home menu we go to add videos and photos and select the picture we want to edit or add it in our slide show. If you want to add a bunch of pictures together click on one picture then click the shift key and select the photo u want to add.

6. What are the steps to save a Win7MM project file?

– We got to file menu and click save project, then we type in the file name and save it in the folder we want it to be saved in, then at last click save.

7. What is the filename extension of a Win7mm project file?

– Movie Maker Projects

8. What are the steps to save a Win7MM project file as a movie design for basic computer usage?

– Go to file menu and then click save movie

9. What is the filename extension of a Win7MM project file as a movie design for basic computer usage?

– (.wmv)

10. Visually inform your readers how to insert a background music into Win7MM. Use Snipping tool to grab screen capture.

– Under the file menu click add music and and then select the song u want to add.