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My group video project

This is a VDO !!! Me and my other 2 friends created about our school life :))



1. What is an animation?

Animation is just a something we make it move and put energy to it. So basically animation is just when we bring things to life.
2. What is a frame in animation?

Each drawing that we make is a frame. When we combine many frames together, an animation is formed.
3. What is frame rate or fps (frame per second)?

It is the amount of frames being shown in one second
4. How does an animation looks like if the frame rate is 1fps?

It will be very boring and will cause the person who is watching it to sleep.
5. What will happen to an animation if the frame rate is 24fps?

It’ll be very interesting and fun to watch.
6. What is exaggeration in animation?

Exaggeration simply means to emphasize by over stating a feature of an object or a character.
7. Explain how you will apply the ‘Stretching and Squashing” principle in animation.

You shouldn’t change the volume of an object like a ball.If you are trying to stretch it and change the width, then you should also be changing the height.
8. How will you show through animation that an object is heavy?


You shouldn’t make it stretch and squash. All you need to do is drop it on the floor and make the floor break.
9. How will you show through animation that an object is very light?

you should make it squash and stretch a lot.