The fine line between monitoring your kids and spying


A group of 4th grade parents gathered in a PTA online safety meeting to discuss about a child privacy. They had a debate about that the parents  should be able to track their children and what they are doing online. The government side said that parents should use latest technology to keep track of their child. That would include  saying and typing things online. The opposition said that tracking children is no less than spying on someone else. They thought that even children should have some privacy.

Major Concepts: 3-5 {Most important concepts}

Parents should use technology tools to track/spy their children:

– I believe that a parent should trust their kid and not cheat on them by spying. Parents have the rights to spy on their child because its THEIR child. But, as a human they should also think about the privacy and freedom of their kid.

Parents should know what their children doing online: {like: using social networks (Facebook, twitter, orkut)}

– I think parents should know what their child is posting online because then the child will be aware of what to post online. He/she wouldn’t bully,tease, or use inappropriate language online.

Parents should not spy their children because its not less than spying on anyone else:

– Parents should spy on their children because it is clearly showing that they don’t trust their child.

Potential/Strengths and Advantages

-I was unaware of the fact that technology allowed parents to spy on their kids to see what they are doing. It totally surprised me because even my parents can spy on me but they didn’t luckily 😀

Potential Problems/Limitations/Disadvantages:

-Once, the author said that  “one side pointed out spying children is no less than spying on anyone else”. At that very moment, i felt that parents spying on children is different. That’s because parents have the rights to know what their child has been doing so then they can see if the child is not doing anything wrong. But, parents would use spying on their kids for only good purposes because they want to make their child to become a good person.

Discussion Questions:

– Using what types of tools do parents spy on their kid?

– Why don’t parents give their children what they deserve like: freedom and privacy?


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