Understanding Search (Rumors about Iphone 5)

What is that about? (Summary)

There are many rumors going on about I phone 5. People are spreading rumors about I phone five in a very different way. They all are curious to know How it will look? What features it will have? When is it coming out or getting released? How thin or fat will it be ? and all kinds of stuff. Many people say that the I phone 5 also known as The New I Phone, is going to release on the 12 September 2012. While other people say that I phone 5 is going to release on the 21st of September 2012. No one actually knows when it is releasing. People are just making rumors up about it. People also say that a mini apple I pad is going to release along I phone 5 as well.

List at least 3 major concepts or arguments of that topic

– I phone 5 will be having a very advanced technology called ” IOS 6 ” (lazer)

– I phone 5 will be be having a much more higher resolution that normal cameras

– I phone 5 will be having fast internet network with 4G

– I phone 5 is going to release on either 12 September or 21st September

Strengths (put in your ideas and thoughts to discuss)

With the use of I phone5, people will be more attached to technology. Technology will become very advanced. People will start to have more facilities. Communication will become a lot more easier than today because I phone 5 will have very fast internet and 4G network. People will be able to complete their work faster and easier on their phones because of fast internet.

• Limitations (put in your ideas and thoughts to discuss)

People especially children will have a very big side effect. Children will be wanting to buy I phone 5 which would be a very expensive cellphone. If children will have I phone 5, they will not be able to focus on school and studies. They will be busy chatting with each other on Whats app and playing games. We would start to  completely rely on technology. We stop using the nature are start to pollute the world.

• At least 2 discussion questions (things that you don’t understand or things that you want to ask other people)

-Is I Phone 5 really going to release or is it just a rumor?
– Why is apple releasing items( like : I phone5,) which is making humans completely rely on technology?

• *** Explain everything above by using all 8 bullet points from Slide no. 6 of Understanding Search presentation.

The URL  :http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/new-iphone-5-release-date-news-and-rumours-721534 ( I have never went to this site before)
Type of page: It is not someone’s personal page. It is a social network site which is giving information about I phone 5
Type of domain : .COM
Where: England,UK
Check the “About” section. (Is the web page affiliated with a place you’ve heard?) Yes, it is also published on Facebook and Twitter
Is there a date and author? Yes; Author: Dan Grabham a writter who usually writes posts on Twitter Date:August 15th
Look up the author in Google (usually need to use double quotes)


Why was the page put on the web? (to inform?, to convince? who’s point of view?) To convince and to tell or inform. It was on Dan Grabham’s Point of View.

I phone 5 features Video

• Citation of ALL information sources (use easybib.com)

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My Cyber Safety Presentation ♥

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